Our Services


Today many successful organisations realise the value in outsourcing the majority of their training and recruitment functions.

Are you an employer/organisation who require assistance in recruiting great talent on board at a very reasonable rate? Or perhaps you are seeking to develop your current workforce’s skills and capabilities to improve their productivity and performance? 

Our team is available to assist:

  • in providing you/your organisation with a full Recruitment life cycle services; ie; we advertise, filter CVs, interview and recommend best possible candidates. Affordable rates apply for entry-level jobs;
  • in understanding your business to be able to  design and conduct  relevant tailor made Training programmes to meet the demands and requirements for your organisation. Training will be provided by experienced specialists.


We also invite you to take advantage of our FREE  job-posting service. You can upload your vacancy for 30 days on our job-portal FREE of charge. Job Seekers will be then be informed through our job-mail system, wherein they will be invited to apply directly with you/your organisation.


WE strive for excellence and aim to exceed  YOUR expectations!

Job Seekers 

We see the priority of assisting individuals to find employment as the most effective means of supporting people in finding greater fulfilment in one’s personal and social lives.

Are you a jobseeker/changer looking for a job or for a new career opportunity?  Do you feel uncertain on which career path you would like to follow? Or perhaps you do not know from where to start?

Our team is always available to assist;

  • in providing you with professional job advisory services that can help you achieve your career goals;
  • in boosting your job prospects. We provide/refer you to training opportunities to acquire and develop the necessary skills and competences you need to be able to enter into sustainable employment;
  • in updating you with the latest job-postings through our job-mail system; and
  • in providing you with links to identify job vacancies and employers.

We invite you to take this opportunity and reveal your potential, increase you skills and gain access to job vacancies, by registering to our website.

Let US assist you in getting YOU to the road to employment!.